Broke 2:10 in a Tutu!

You get what you put in. That’s for darn sure! Let’s just say this was by far my best half marathon!

When my friend asked me a few months ago if I would want to run the Divas Half Marathon in Galveston, Texas, I thought, REALLY?! I’m so not a tutu-and-tiara kind of gal! But, after some contemplation, I decided to go with it. She really wanted to run the race, and she is a beginner runner…so I thought, why not? I was happy to support my friend. The last long distance I had done was the Houston Chevron Marathon three months earlier in January 2016, and I was more than confident that I would be ready for a half by April!

A week before the race, my friend asked about booking our stay in Galveston for the race. I panicked. That’s next weekend!!! Wowza, Yikes! It had slipped my mind, and now here it was sneaking up on me! After my marathon in January, I had only been running short runs… a few miles every other day, 3 miles, 4 miles…6 miles at most. With only a week left, there was no time to train up to 13.1. I thought, “Oh MY!…how is this going to happen?? Better yet, how will I survive a half?! I may die!”

But suddenly … it hit me. I remembered…wait just a minute, girl! Even though you haven’t specifically been training for a half marathon, you have been running regularly and putting time into yoga & kickboxing as well!

I decided to spend the week totally focused on running and yoga. The day before the race, I attended Forrest Yoga, my absolute favorite. Forrest Yoga is a great stretch and a great core opener. At the start of the Forrest class, the instructor set the intention for the class …”Do what brings you pleasure.” Light bulb! Very few things bring me more pleasure than RUNNING!  After class, I floated through an amazing 3-mile run around Rice University, my favorite running trail. Instead of focusing on the idea that the half marathon was going to kill me, my mind shifted to the thought process that I was doing what I really enjoy, RUNNING, and I was going to rock the Diva Half Marathon!

RACE DAY: I woke up, with severe allergies. Yay, super great! (sarcastic smirk) I decided that even allergies weren’t going to stop me. NO WAY! Popped a Claritin-D, laced up my boogie shoes, and put on a new Lululemon pleated skort. Yeah, so much for not wearing a tutu, but a skirt?! Really, Pattie?! Yep.

THE TAKE OFF: The race started off in a historic neighborhood that reminded me of New Orleans or the Houston Heights. As we were approaching a turn, the sun was coming up. Then, after the turn… BOOM!… What a breathtaking view! Running on the Galveston Seawall, along the shore, with the sun rising over the Gulf of Mexico. It was truly beautiful! Not knowing the course ahead of time is always great…you don’t know what to expect, and the pleasant surprises make it worth while.

THE COURSE: We went from the seawall, to beach houses, and back to the historic neighborhood. Due to the time of year, there weren’t very many spectators cheering us on. However, the race was well-organized, and there were more cheering spectators near the end. Children can always put a smile on your face and bring so much joy! I love the little high-fives!

FINISH LINE: When I saw that the finish line was near, I started into a full-out sprint. I hit my speed gear for sure! The race ended with firefighters handing out glasses of champagne at the finish line. It was reminiscent of the San Francisco Nike Women’s Run, where firemen were waiting to put a Tiffany necklace on my neck (and a smile on my face)!

YES! Race time was 2:08! WooHoo!! I’m usually a 2:20 -2:30 finisher. Not that day…Not on April 24, 2016…I was 2:08 and proud!




Peas and Carrots!

Over the years, like most people, I have tried out many different workouts, sometimes dabbling in Pilates, taking jabs with Billy Blanks, an occasional jog, a little yoga here and there, joined a few gyms, and then discovered Crossfit a few years ago. And like many people, I thought just “being active” was enough, without much thought to what my actual goals were, if any. If I felt “workout sore”, I thought I was getting somewhere. But there was always something missing…

Then one day, I truly discovered running, actually experiencing a runner’s high for the first time, and I was hooked!  I would add another mile, then another, then another, until I ran my first half marathon. Seven months after that, I ran my first full marathon, and haven’t looked back.

Along my running journey, it became clear that I needed some serious stretching to combat the soreness that came with running longer and longer distances. Remembering how good yoga felt when I would try a class from time to time, I decided to try a 30-day trial at Yoga One.

Immediately, the combination of running and yoga made perfect sense! It just felt right! Something of a yin and yang, both leading further and further along my passionate journey. To borrow a line from another runner, Forrest Gump, running and yoga for me are “peas and carrots”!